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Over the past 12 years, we have received literally hundreds of letters and emails from past clients, but most ask to remain anonymous. Because of the personal nature of any work involving people's preparation and performance, we are careful to keep our clients' information private. We have presented below a few letters from past and current clients who agreed to attach their names. We of course are very appreciative of all feedback, even the criticisms we receive from time to time. We know people have invested their time to let us (and others) know how they feel about the services we provide. Hopefully you'll find these helpful as you explore who we are and what we do.

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"My Daughter Has Benefited in Her Sport and Life" 6099
14 Year Old Tennis Player Reaches Top 40 7117
Soccer Player Learns to Perform Despite the Coach 5604
"My Handicap Decreased by Seven Strokes!" 6518
Wide Receiver's Confidence Soars 5462
Success Transitioning to College Level 5040
"My Son Can Control His Emotions Now" 6304
"I Would Highly Recommend Dr. Neff" 6348
"I Learned How to Enter the Zone" 6587
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