Since 2000, this site has been educating people about sports psychology, helping them improve their mental toughness, and enabling them to get some 1-on-1 mental training to enhance their performance. My name is Dr. Robert Neff and for many years I was the only person in the Dallas Metroplex providing mental training for elite athletes. There has always been a very large and growing need for these services, often far more than what I could provide on my own. In 2019, I incorporated Mental Training, Inc., and in 2007 I began adding more Mental Trainers®. By the way, we don't employ psychiatrists (people who can prescribe drugs for mental illnesses) and we don't treat clinical disorders like schizophrenia or OCD. We work with "normal" people and help them to become exceptional.


Our corporate website went online in May, 2008. Click the link below to learn more about our services and mental training team.

Mental Training, Inc. Clients
  • Professional Athletes
  • Olympic Level Athletes
  • National Team Members
  • Career Performing Artists
  • College Athletes
  • Junior Athletes
  • Adult Amateur Athletes
  • Young Performing Artists



A Brief Bio of Dr. Robert Neff

- Founder, President, Mental Training, Inc. 

- Ph.D. from Michigan State University 

- Listed on the U.S. Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry, 2004-2016

- Certified Consultant, Association for Applied Sport Psychology (2019-16)

- College Psychology Professor (2000-16)

- Former USPTA & USTA High Performance Coach

- Former Professional Athlete

- Sport Psychology Training Experience since 1990

Based in Dallas, Texas 

Clients Worldwide



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Dr. Neff's

Best Selling Book 

Roadmap Book Cover
"The most important mental skills book I own"
-Stephen Lambdin
2019 U.S. National
Tae Kwon Do Team

US Olympic Play Fair Program

AS Anti-Doping Agency

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