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My Handicap Decreased by Seven Strokes!


When I first started working with Dr. Neff, I was expecting to spend a few counseling sessions that would magically result in improved performance. 


However, I quickly found that even though we worked on improving mental performance, we also assessed all aspects of my game, physically and mentally.  He knew what I didn't at that point, that the mind and body work together.  Once satisfied that I was working with my golf coach on physical performance on a regular basis, he assisted me with pre-round preparation, pre-shot and post-shot rituals, and post-round evaluations.  We set goals for short-term performance, and long-term performance. 


As I became more confident in my physical abilities, I also learned how to remain calm and handle the thought processes going on in my head.  The results were improved performance, particularly in high stress situations.  The goals we set became achievable.  They were no longer just a dream.


My handicap decreased by seven strokes!  Prior to working with Dr. Neff, I rarely performed my best during tournaments and match play.  Afterwards, I found that I actually performed better under pressure than during normal rounds.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Neff to other performers.


Barbara Hoist

Senior Golfer

Rockwall, Texas 

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