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My Son Can Control His Emotions Now! 


One of the biggest things was the confidence my son gained from working with Dr. Neff. His new confidence was mainly based on his understanding and use of Dr. Neff's Emotion Wheel. His game improved dramatically as he was able to control his emotions and maintain present focus on the game.  


If something goes wrong (as it often does in golf ) he is able to leave it behind,  move on, and focus on the next shot. He used to have problems finishing a round (again, common in golf ). Now his scores for the last few holes are pars or birdies.   


It was very helpful to have the follow -up sessions to assess progress and establish new goals. I especially liked the option of the package of lessons. Dr. Neff was very clear about what could be accomplished and he fulfilled his promises. He motivated my son through his genuine interest and his on-going astute analysis of what he needed to work on.


There are times in tournaments when I see players display hot tempers and then fall apart for the rest of the round. It is unfortunate for them and for anyone who has to witness it. I wish I could hand them one of Dr. Neff's cards.


We really appreciate the personal attention and the interest Dr. Neff took in Shane. He really connected with him, and I think that is why he believes so strongly in what Dr. Neff taught him and why he continues to apply what he has learned. We will be returning to Dr. Neff to prepare for spring and summer tournaments.


Angie M.

Mother of AJGA and now College Golfer

Dallas/FW, Texas 


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