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"I Would Highly Recommend Dr. Neff" 

I don't even know where to begin to try and talk about all the benefits that I gained from working with Dr. Neff.  I think the  biggest benefit though was that Dr. Neff instilled in me the life lesson that to be successful in anything in life, you have to want  it more than anybody else.  However, if you are going to say that  you want it more than anybody else,  then you have to be willing to be the hardest worker.

I would say that my perfomance was more than enhanced by Dr.  Neff.  He agreed to work with me and told me that if I was coachable and did all the things that he thought were best for me, then I would reach my goals.  I would highly recommend Dr. Neff because I know he has the abilities to help other performers make improvements and I know and understand how his program works.  He is very professional but at  the same time very caring for his clients.  His passion is apparent in everything that he does, and that is what makes him stand out above the rest.  I look back at everything I accomplished in my tennis career in such a short time period and I know that I owe all of it to Dr. Neff.

He did everything he could for me to help me achieve my goals in tennis.  At the same time he did so  much for me off the court I can't even begin to tell you the influence that he has had on my life and how he has helped me become the person I  am today.  Dr. Neff taught me that if you are willing to work as hard as you possibly can then there is no goal that you can't  reach.  That is something that I will carry with me for the rest  of my life.  I know that Dr. Neff would give the time and dedication to other clients as he did for me because I know there is nothing more gratifying for him then to see his clients succeed.

Caleb Bachelor

Cedar Hill, Texas


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